9704230 Replacement Blender Coupler with Removal Tool for KitchenAid Blender KSB5 KSB3

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9704230 Rubber Coupler Clutch for KitchenAid Blender With Tool

Replacement Coupler Gear Drive Clutch With Tool.

Part Number: 9704230

Reverse Threaded

Fits KitchenAid Models: KSB3 KSB3 KSB5, KSB3WH0, KSB3AC0, 4KSB5WH0, KSB3, KSB3WH, KSB5, KSB5WH, KSB3-4, KSB5-4, 5KSB5-4, KSB5SS-4, 5KSB52-4, KSB5, KSB33, KSB5-3